Safety First X
Use only water-based or mineral spirit-type materials with flash point greater than 100 F (38 C). Do not use materials having flash points lower than 100 F (38 C). Do not use materials which state "FLAMMABLE" on the packaging. For more information about your material, request MSDS from distributor or retailer.

Spraying certain materials may cause static build-up in the sprayer that can result in static shock to the user. If this occurs, first ensure the material has a flash point greater than 100 F (38 C) and does not state that it is FLAMMABLE anywhere on the package. If still feeling a static shock, the material likely contains a non-mineral spirits fluid such as, but not limited to, xylene, toluene, or naphtha, which can build up static. Switch to an alternative material.

Keep spray area well-ventilated. Keep a good supply of fresh air moving through the area.

Cool New Tool

Graco TRUECOATPro Cordless Sprayer

The Cordless Airless Sprayer with ProSpray Technology


Cleaning a TrueCoat Pro Sprayer

You MUST Clean it After Each and Every Use!

Not cleaning your TrueCoat immediately after you use it can be a costly mistake. If you are not going to use it again within 24hrs or less, you should also do the Storage Procedure. These two procedures are critical to the life of your TrueCoat cordless airless sprayer.  


Safety First!


TRUECOAT Cleaning Instructions

1 Engage trigger lock and pull relief valve UP to release pressure.  
2 Remove material cup and properly dispose cup liner or excess material.  
3 Remove and clean sprayer intake tube and screen with water (or flushing fluid) and a brush every time you flush the sprayer. Reconnect intake tube.  
4 Clean cup if not using a liner, and fill with water or appropriate flushing fluid.  
5 Reconnect material cup and shake sprayer to move clean water around and clean all areas inside of cup.  
6 Disconnect trigger lock and trigger sprayer for approximately 15 seconds. Engage trigger lock.  
7 Discard contaminated fluid and refill with appropriate flushing fluid.  
8 Disengage trigger lock, reverse tip to UNCLOG position, and pull trigger for 5 seconds to prime sprayer.  
9 Put prime/relief valve DOWN to spray position. Trigger sprayer into waste area until no paint appears in water or flushing fluid.  
10 Engage trigger lock and put prime/relief valve UP to release pressure.  
11 Remove material cup and discard used fluid.  
12 Remove Spray Tip/Guard Assembly and clean with water or flushing fluid. A soft brush can be used to loosen and remove dried material if needed.  
13 Replace tip assembly.  


See our Pump Armor page for more information and / or to buy.  



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