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Graco Pump Armor

Why You Need Pump Armor for your TRUECOAT PRO

Graco Pump Armor preserves your TrueCoat Pro!

After THOROUGHLY cleaning your TrueCoat or ProShot sprayer, most airless sprayers for that matter, pump in some Pump Armor to keep your sprayer from deteriorating on the inside. This must be done when storing, when not using your sprayer, to keep it in working order. Not doing this will severely reduce the life of your sprayer.


Pump Armor Storage / Start-Up Kit

There is a new kit available from Graco. This kit is used to eliminate priming issues due to poor cleaning and/or debris in the inlet valve on TrueCoat Hand-held airless paint sprayers. The kit includes a tool that attaches to the included bottle of Pump Armor and instructions. In brief; With the intake tube removed, and the tool attached to the Pump Armor bottle, it is then inserted into the TrueCoat. Squeeze the bottle until Pump Armor flow out of the drain tube.

TrueCoat Start-up Kit instructions


Pump Armor Options

16M816 Graco Pump Armor Storage / Start-up Kit  
243103 Graco Pump Armor - 1 Quart  
243104 Graco Magnum Pump Armor - 1 Quart  
244168 Graco Magnum Pump Armor - 8 oz  
245133 Graco Pump Armor - 1 Gallon  


See Video Pump Armor Being Used with a TrueCoat Sprayer

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