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Graco TRUECOATPro Cordless Sprayer

The Cordless Airless Sprayer with ProSpray Technology


Storing Your TrueCoat Sprayer

Proper Storage Increases Sprayer Life!

Taking proper care of your new TrueCoat sprayer, or any airless sprayer for that matter, is directly related to the life expectancy of the tool. So unless you have money to burn, it pays to take the time to store your paint sprayer properly.  


TRUECOAT Storage Instructions

1 Dilute 4 ounces of Pump Armor  with an additional 4 oz. of water in material cup. Add Pump Armor to cup
2 Thread cup into sprayer, put prime/relief valve to UP position put TrueCoat prime valve un up position
    and squeeze sprayer trigger for approximately 10 seconds. squeezing cordless sprayer trigger
3 Reverse spray tip to UNCLOG position,  Turning TrueCoat spray tip to unclog position
    put prime/relief valve DOWN to spray position, and aim sprayer into waste area. Moving TrueCoat prime valve down to spray position
    Pull trigger for 1-2 seconds. one to two second trigger pull
4 Properly dispose of used Pump Armor mixture from material cup and rinse cup with water. rinsing the material cup with water
5 Store sprayer indoors in a cool, dry place. Store in an upright position only. Graco TrueCoat Pro properly stored in the upright position


See our Pump Armor page for more information and / or to buy.  



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