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Graco TRUECOATPro Cordless Sprayer

The Cordless Airless Sprayer with ProSpray Technology


TrueCoat Pro Parts

Parts for Graco TrueCoat Pro model # 258864

Also see our TrueCoat Accessories page for common accessories such as tips, cups, liners

TRUECOAT PRO Sprayer core/head

262368 Sprayer Head
  (NO tip/guard, battery, suction tube, or material cup. Sprayer body only!)



24F042 Storage case
  (Case only!  NO battery, charger etc.)



24F076 Suction Tube with screen and o-rings  
106555 Suction Tube o-ring (not shown)  


TRUECOAT PRO Cups, Cup Kits, Cup Seals

24E374 Material Cup (32 oz) cover and seal
24E375 Material Cup (48 oz) cover and seal  
16E403 Sprayer Cup Seal  
16C650 Material Cup Seal  
24D425 Lid with gasket (not shown)  


TRUECOAT PRO Additional Parts

262438 TrueCoat Needle Assembly  
262678 TrueCoat Pro Shroud  
262601 Prime/Spray Handle  
262602 Inlet Valve Kit (valve, spring, o-ring)  
16E403 Sprayer Cup Seal  

TRUECOAT PRO FineFinish Additional Parts

24J433 TrueCoat Pro Fine Finish Needle Assembly  
16H641 TrueCoat Pro Fine Finish Repair Kit (inlet & outlet valve assemblies)  
16H119 Prime/Spray Assembly  
24J424 Inlet Valve Kit (valve, spring, o-ring)  
16J642 Needle Repair Tool  


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